Transcending 500 years of history…here, for you, now. Some 510 years ago, Yakuro Yukitada Asaba came to this place to found Shuzenji temple for the Soto Sect. Guarding the temple gates was the lodging for the monks, the beginnings of Asaba, handed down over generations within the same family. Amidst the hot springs of Shuzenji, the radiant greenery, the gentle flow of the river and sparkling birdsong, we are here to welcome you.


Japan's beautiful traditions, an homage to love for nature's every visage. On the wind crossing the water, hear the trees rustle and the birds sing…open a window, and savor the richness of the moment.


Seasonal, fresh, cooked for this moment, this day. The bounty of the seas and ponds, the fields and mountains on every bowl, every plate, every platter.


hot springs

Outdoor baths with pleasant breezes sweeping through the bamboo. Indoor baths, crafted from koyamaki timber, available as mens' and ladies' baths. Also enjoy our carefree private baths.


stage / shuzenji cultual journey

For 40 years, the "Shuzenji Cultural Journey" has brought top class artists of Japanese traditional arts like Noh, Kyogen, Shinnai, Bunraku, and Biwagaku together to give a seasonal performance. Hearing such subtle, profound music echo through the night is a once in a lifetime experience.

  • NOH

    Noh combined the Kabuongyoku music loved by ordinary people with sacred dancing rites, also influenced by Zen Buddhism and ink-wash painting, and has continued to be passed down and refined through the ages.


    Kyogen is a spoken theatrical form centered on conversation. Its key features is humor, cutting sharply into the heart of human habits and nature and finding laughter.


    The one and only Edojoruri. Playing shamisen while walking around the city and inviting spectators for a "nagashi" became famous.Also featured in Kabuki and historical plays.



A peaceful environment wrapped in a festive atmosphere. A special experience which will make you feel fulfilled. Pass some soothing moments in Shuzenji, a place which has come from eternity.



3450-1 Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka 410-2416

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