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guidance of wedding

Ceremonies are held on the "Gekkeiden", a Noh stage on the water harking back to the Maeda family of Kaga. Shinto and non-religious ceremonies are available. In the shade of the greenery, amidst the echo of drums and the song of flutes, a boat bearing the bride slowly glides to the stage, where the groom awaits... A ceremony infused with "Wa", the spirit of Japan, for a lifelong memory.

Wedding ceremony

Shinto ceremony on the Noh stage. Please inquire about arranging the services of a Shintoist chief priest, "gagaku" court music and garments.


Held in either Yoshino (big hall) or Tesshu (small hall). We are able to provide both Japanese and Western style banquets according to your requests. Max 60 people. Please inquire about food menus.

wedding price list

We also accept separate reservations for the engagement, the ceremony, the reception, as well as reservation of the whole venue. Please inquire with one of our representatives for the pricing of each.

Wedding includes altar, services of chief priest and shrine maiden, Noh stage 450,000 yen
Clothes Garments Groom (japanese style) 100,000 yen〜
Bride (japanese style) 200,000 yen〜
Professional assistance Garments Groom 50,000 yen〜
Bride 100,000 yen〜
Photo Bride and groom with family 350,000 yen〜
"Gagaku" music during ceremony 100,000 yen〜
Reception bouquet High table 57,500 yen〜
Table flower 5,750 yen〜
Boat on the pond 57,500 yen〜
Seating plan and name plates 34,500 yen〜
Video recording 180,000 yen〜
Special cuisine Salt-grilled sea bream head, approx 1.5kg 34,500 yen〜
Drinks Charged by consumed amount
Gifts prepared to order, Asaba "manju" pastry, bath towels etc.
Accommodation prices an overnight 45,000〜75,000 yen


Booking Number 0558-72-7000

3450-1 Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka 410-2416

  • *Includes service charge, but not tax.
  • *Cancellation on the day will incur a 100% cancellation fee.