Relais & Chateaux



The air is resplendent with a refreshing crispness, a somehow nostalgic serenity.
Entrust yourself to the peaceful flow of time...

The stage reflected on the water stretches out into the nearly 2000 sqm lake. In the calm shade of the greenery, hear the echoes of drums, flutes and song…
The Noh stage 'Gekkeiden' was donated to the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine by Viscount Toshika Maeda, and was relocated to Asaba in the late Meiji period by seventh generation Yasuemon Asaba.
Japan's beautiful traditions, an homage to love for nature's every visage. On the wind gliding across the water, hear the trees rustle and birds sing… Open a window, and find a moment full of beauty. The air is resplendent with a refreshing crispness, a somehow familiar serenity. In the gentle warmth of the sun, take a moment to slow down, sit back, and relax.
In a separate building to our guest rooms, a lively, merry time waits for you in our halls. For weddings, celebrations, meetings, exhibitions and presentations, amongst many other occasions.
Seasonal, fresh, prepared for this moment, this day. The bounty of the seas and lakes, the fields and mountains on every bowl, every plate, every platter.
The outdoor baths, caressed by pleasant breezes through the bamboo. The indoor baths of koyamaki timber, with both mens' and ladies' baths Enjoy a carefree time with the family in a private bath.
By the lake, turn over a new leaf in your sketchbook. The aroma of freshly ground coffee is in the air, delicate bubbles sparkle in a champagne glass. Time glides every so gently; this is a time to relax.