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Transforming the tastes of the season... meet simple, pure, graceful dishes.


beltfish hotpot and watercress

early March – mid May

In Spring, enjoy a hot-pot soup with fresh scabbard fish
caught at nearby Suruga bay. The aromatic fish is prepared
with a simple bonito and kelp stock.


grilled sweetfish and sweetfish rice

mid May – mid Sept

From the start of summer, you can enjoy freshwater trout
from a tributary of the Kano river.
This fish is served charcoal-grilled and also in an aromatic dish with rice.


hotpot of sea eel and matsutake mushrooms

mid Sept – late Oct

In Autumn, you can try conger eel with seasonal Matsutake mushrooms in a hot-pot with a stock extracted from the eel's bones.


hotpot with minced amagi shamo chicken

late Oct – earky March

In winter, we offer our trademark dish, which we have been preparing
for over 30 years. The dish is a hot pot of seared Amagi game fowl
in a stock made from bonito, sea kelp and game fowl.
When you have eaten all the meat, drop an egg
in the stock and enjoy with rice.

special dishes

For a special time, with someone special, on a special day.

Chargrilled Japanese black beef fillet 150g 9,200 yen
Deep fried lobster 9,200 yen
Shabu-shabu with Japanese black beef 150g 9,200 yen
Salt-grilled head of wild sea bream 34,500 yen
Abalone 23,000 yen
Matsuba crab Ask
  • * It's not included service charge and tax.
  • * Please make a reservation to enjoy our shabu-shabu style Japanese black beef (2 or more people).
  • * For special occasions, we can arrange broiled bream with salt, as well as flowers, cake, champagne, etc..
Breakfast in Asaba
Enjoy a leisurely breakfast served in your room.
We will be serving you homemade air-dried grilled fish and piping hot egg rolls.